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. >> jim: following sunday's game against the angels next weekend, you can join nick
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markakis and his wife for the fun run walk. the race walk begins at 6:00 p.m. and includes prizes, family fun activities, appearance by nick and morality first 500 people receive an under armor t-shirt. call (410)308-1870. back home, amber will visit with christina markakis to get the insight on the annual 5k and fun run. mark viviano will be part of that event as well so you can stop by and meet mark. nick and christina giving back to the community that they now call home. here is matt wieters leading off against holiday and he takes high. wieters has hit the ball hard twice in this ballgame and he is 0-for-2. he hit a one-hopper to aaron hill that turned into
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a 4-6-3 double play and in his second at-bat, he hit it hard but the jays were shading him that way. >> buck: you talked about the batting average improving. it is only a matter of time before we see the power. you have to remember where these guys are and oftentimes, you forget because there is so much promise in the pitchers and even with wieters and reimold, they are in their first year e e step back down and join viv. >> talking to crowley the difference that that five to six mile-per-hour big league pitching. he says for matusz, it's been four stems forward and maybe one back but he likes his progress, no doubt. >> jim: 1-2 is pulled foul. >> buck: that's a great point. in the minor leagues, you might see a 94 to 95 mile-per-hour
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fastball once a week. here you see it every night and then you go to the bullpen and you see a good parade of good fastballs. the velocity is the biggest difference and the consistency of the velocity, i think, takes a young hitter a while to make those adjustments. remember how nick markakis struggled so his first year. he got beaten consistently inside. they he covered up that hole and terry crowley worked with him on that and he is making himself now a .300 hitter. >> jim: adam jones has certainly shown that he is going through that process this year, having much more consistency this year than he did last year. >> buck: it can be overwhelming to a young hitter to come here and have so much success literally at every stop along the way, high school shall college, first couple of years, and then you come here and,
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boy, i forgot how to hit. >> jim: 2-2 bounced to first, millar goes to the bag unassisted. wieters retired. one away. >> buck: if you think about it. >> jim: if you think about it, baseball is a pyramid and once you get to the top shall the pyramid begins to shrink and the talent is the best. good ones figure it out. that's a copy cat league up here. once they figure out how to get you out, everybody does it. >> buck: that's just a constant adjustment. one thing that's so good about these hitters, they understand that, they are aware of that and they will grow with every at-bat. the drugles that the orioles' young players may be going through now and altogether should help once they all begin to figure it out and if they don't figure out, somebody else will come and take the spot. >> buck: with reimold and wieters and dave trembley has
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talked on about adam jones, how much of an improvement we have seen this year to last year, and he is hopeful that the same improvements will take place from nolan reimold and matt wieters. >> jim: there is a strike to andino on a breaking ball. the challenge to the ball club now is to identify your foundation. reimold in left, jones in center, markakis in right, probably roberts and izturis up the middle and then you tee side what you're going to do with the corners. good shape behind the plate. >> jim: hit right to aaron hill shading that way. two down in the orioles' 7th inning. yeah, the corner position this offseason is where andy mcphail will be the most active with the position players. we were talking about pain done snyder as mark gave up the up date from norfolk and bowie playing at fenway park. they called it the futures games as the red sox aaa and aa
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teams hosted the orioles' aaa and aa teams. >> jim: snyder showed he deserves a look. huff under contract. mora under contract. there is a line drive to centerfield. pie is on with a two-out single. >> buck: the one thing you have to to, it's easy to say, you know, we're going to make changes but you have to have some options to cover those changes and until you identify those option, you can't cut your ties with either player. >> jim: weaver learned this year they won't hesitate to go to the young players. dave trem plea has seen a parade of the younger guys coming up. so if brandon snyder becomes the next best option, so be it. the other thing that i really have come to admire the way
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that andy mcphail runs the pharmacies tell with the prospects is he almost forces them to show that they deserve t you have not seen any, let's go out and get that guy. everyone that's come up has done what they have been asked to do, which is show me you are ready and show me some more. you know, nolan reimold had that huge year in bowie and he didn't even get a spring training invitation because they wanted him to prove that he could do it again. you know what? he did. he was added to the roster, had a very good spring and has been up since may 14 th. bouncer to third. playing in was encarnacione. he will get it to first and the insomething over. base hit and a man left. 7th inning stretch brought to you by jack daniels whiskey.
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. >> jim: brian bass has done a good job of 3 2/3. matt albers will try to do the same and the orioles still have
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a shot now down by 2. top of the line-up against albers here in the 7th. brian bass allowed only two base runners in his 3 1/3, both singles. here is matt albers who has not been pitching well, trying to turn it around. he has been quite streaky this year. there have been times when he has come on and has pitched very effectively and other times -- and he is in one of them right now where he seems to give up hit and runs every time he comes in. there is a bloop toward left centerfield. that's going to fall in for a base hit. a leadoff single on as scutaro reaps. he has three hits today. >> buck: he has had a big day including that two-run home run off matusz. just when you want to keep it a two-run game, blue jays get the
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leadoff hitter on here in the 7th. toronto now looking for some insurance as they lead by 2. now here is hill. checked swing and it's low. >> buck: you mentioned matt albers, it has been a little bit of a roller coaster ride. he came into the 7th inning on friday. he gave up a single, a fielder's choice. and he had to be relieved by chris ray. so he breezed, got three quick ground balls out, struck out marco scutaro looking. that was a breezy 7th for him but he gave up a leadoff base hit to aaron hill in the 8th.
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>> jim: pulled foul. >> buck: look out. >> jim: the other part of the development, as we have been talking about this, that, without a doubt, will factor in next year because they are starting to have more prospects show up at the same time than there are roster spots, you can envision some of the starters coming through the orioles systems being relievers in the big leagues and that means there could be a turnover in the bullpen next year as well. this one hit to right field. it's happeninging for markakis, diving catch, as it hung up long enough for nick to get there. airport hill is robbed. one down. >> buck: nick has really played well in the outfield recently. he has made some spectacular play, made another diving catch here to take away a hit from aaron hill. this past gets past him, no tell where hill ends up. he made a couple of diving, sliding catchings here in this
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ballpark. made a couple of great throws in detroit, great catch there and another sliding catch down the right field line down in fair territory for another fine defensive play. he is really playing well on the field. >> jim: ball 1 to adam lind. so markakis takes a base hit away from aaron hill. >> jim: one pitcher who will certainly be in the bullpen next year is koji uehara. he was a reliever in japan. the orioles got him as a starter and he has served his purpose. but if you split his numbers, he has breezed through the
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first time through the line-up. >> buck: the options is what's important. obviously with these kids coming through the system, you know, chances are everybody is not going to pan out, become a starter to make 35 starts for you will all year long but when you have talent and quality and quantity, that's exactly what you are looking for. >> jim: there is jason berken siting there with a couple of bats. who knows, next year, he may be in the bullpen depending upon how the rest of the rotation works out. there is the other scenario which we have not addressed. are the orioles getting to the point where they stock piled enough prospect where they might go out and trade pros suspects for a proven player? and then, if that's the case, who do they sacrifice to get at that done? >> buck: i don't think they are there yet. you just let these guys develop and find out who they are before you start to identify that you might want to trade them. i think you just let them grow,
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let them get their work, let them get more comfortable in the big leagues. there is no time frame on making decisions. remember, the grand plan in all of this was 20 is 21. >> jim: there is a walk to adam lind. a couple of base runners against matt albers with one down. time now for you to text in your vote for the at&t player of the game here. kevin millar has a two-run home run. roy halladay has pitched 7 innings, allowed only three runs and has the lead. cesar izturis has a good game. text your vote in now. here is kevin millar. albers will hope to induce a ground ball to turn 2. he gets ahead 0-1. >> buck: millar has always been a dead pull hitter.
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you can see he has had a good day. he has had two hits, a solo home run, a single and walked and scored two runs but he pulls the ball on the outside part of the plate. he hooks the ball. so there is a hole inside and he has trouble really covering up that down and in pitch like so many guys but he loves to get the ball out of the plate and just flick his wrist and hook that ball. >> jim: 1-1 the count, 2 on and one down. he played for the orioles for three years. you would think the orioles would know how to get him out but it's all where the ball goes and leaves your hand. >> buck: at the same time, he has a pretty good idea of what the pitchers are throwing. >> jim: once again, he has grown his beard back. it-2-1 is bounced foul. >> buck: obviously, this is a
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very important at-bat here. two-run game. matt albers trying to keep it a two-run game and keep the blue jays within their sights. two more at-bats. 2-2 is pulled foul. again, he was well out in front. would you say he is one of the more effective guess hitters you have ever seen the way he anticipates the pitches. >> buck: he looks for pitches and areas of the plate, looks for a ball that he can extend on, something that he can really drive, stands pretty close to the plate but he likes to hook everything to the left side of the diamond. >> jim: 2-2, there is a base hit. left centerfield. markakis bobls the ball.
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he will get it back to second base. there is the insurance run. >> buck: kevin millar does a pretty good job going the opposite way, crossing the defense. this pitch was up. no sky whatsoever. markakis will probably get charmed with an error as he charminged the ball. in his haste to make the play, bobls the ball. the runner at second base has to stop. >> jim: so millar, high 5 on the ben. here is lyle overbay. here is vernon wells. the struggle continues for matt albers and he is not out of it
3:14 pm
yet. he had stopped at second base with markakis leading the league in assists and markakis knows that. in his haste to get ball, he bobbled it. too tight. vernon has to get out of the way. chris ray now getting loose in the orioles bullpen. vernon wells talking it over with colbreth. that was little close, wasn't it? 3-0 on wells. there is a strike, 3-1.
3:15 pm
>> buck: again, you get your self into a hitter count. you give vernon wells the opportunity to look in a particular area of the plate. he has already hit a home run today. he had a base hit in his last at-bat. there is a line drive, a base hit. and here is another run that scores. adam lind comes in. so albers has allowed four of the five hitters he has faced to reach ant jays get two huge insurance runs here in the 7th inning. >> buck: and you give roy halladay a little bit more breathing room. this pitch well off the plate. wells not trying to do too much with it knowing he has a chance to get a pretty good pitch here and drills it into centerfield, picks up an rbi. he has three on the day. >> jim: the two run-ins this inning, the first two toronto has scored without a home run and here comes dave trembley. that will be it for matt
3:16 pm
albers. he will go just 1/3 inning. he was not able to hold it as is. now it's a four-run lead for toronto at 7-3. chris ray will come in. xxúú
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i i bylaw jays have are peek en the game open here. they now lead 7-3. chris ray came in on friday. line drive, base hit left field for rios. runner will be held at third as overbay is held. pie gets it back in. another base hit and the bases are loaded. there has been some very good anticipation at the plate today by the blue jays, especially on first pitches. vernon wells' two-run home run in the 3rd was on the first pitch that brian matusz threw to him afterrick kranitz went to the mound. and here is alex rios hitting
3:19 pm
the first pitch that ray threw to him. >> buck: that was cito gaston. that was his philosophy, get a good pitch, look for a fastball early on and let it rip. don't stand up there and give the pitcher a strike or two. >> jim: fouled back. wells and rios are veteran hitters, so they have an idea about what they are looking for and they are following the instincts of their manager who has been in the past the hitting coach as well. 0-2 is a little bit low. >> buck: well, chris ray is anxious to gain more important role down in that bullpen and get more important innings. this would be an obvious step in that direction if he can minimize the damage here, get a
3:20 pm
ground ball, idealy a comebacker for that old 1-2-3 double play to get him out of that jam. no more damage. >> jim: encarnacione playing in his seventh game since the trade with cincinnati. the other thing that the blue jays have done a good job of is putting the ball into play even when down. 2-2 hit right back to the mound, that's what buck was looking for, back to the plate, back to first, that is the double play. 1-2-3 ends t but two big runs against matt albers. we'll head to the 8th and the orioles now trail by 4. úúxx÷xú
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. >> jim: let's get a look at the mercedes e class. >> buck: the orioles were off on the right foot defensively in the bottom of the 1st. matt wieters made a strong throw after that strikeout and, as jim mentioned, that was the only strikeout of the day so far for the orioles. adam lind struck out and hill was thrown out. lyle overbay who pinch ran for kevin millar takes over defensively at first base.
3:23 pm
>> jim: halladay still out there. adam jones leads off. breaking ball in for a strike. halladay has struck out 3, walked one. the one walk did score. that was huff in the 2nd inning. halladay has been charged with three runs, one of those unearned. he is trying to win his 8th game here in his home ballpark in his 13th start here. jones swings through it, 1-2. >> buck: you see how he manipulates the velocity very well with that cut fastball. that one was down to 86 and adam was in front of it. just subtle changes, adding and sun r subtracting all the time. >> jim: buck was talking about the pitch efficiency. here is the 100th pitch for
3:24 pm
halladay and he is in the 8th inning. >> buck: halladay has five complete games because of his ability to pitch late and be so efficient with his pitches. for the season, averaging 14 pitches an inning. 7 it 2 strikes, 28 balls -- 72 s, 28 balls and only one walk. and jones is down on strikes to begin the 8th for roy halladay. you can keep up on your favorite social networks. become a fan of your bird. you get the latest orioles news and receive the latest tickets you will be the first it learn behind-the-scenes information, straight from the team's ation department. all the birdland news yoed
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click away. markakis takes a stri is 1 ofttg streak going. slices left. chasing bautista. that ball still carrying, still carrying, reaches up and makes the catch against the wall. jose bautista robs markakis an extra pace hit. two men down. >> buck: bautista doing a good job of on this ball. once he gets on the warning track, he has room aover his sh almost over rathat ball as he takes a look at the fence in break his momentum. but a fine effort austa. >> jim: bautista away from markakis with two men down.
3:26 pm
>> jim: halladay has only had two 1-2-3 innings but he gets the first two here. >> buck: he is not about strikeouts, all about winning games. you win games by staying out on the mound late into the ballgame. you pitch deep into the game, you give your offense the chance to give you the lead. >> jim: 0-2 on huff. and aubrey a very defensive swing to say save the pitch. >> buck: are there other pitchers with better stuff than halladay? sure. but the combination of changing speeds, desession, that makes him the best. >> jim: halladay has the second 3 up and 3 down inning. bottom of the 8th coming up in
3:27 pm
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got it! my goodness! now you have seen it all. (announcer) that's what greatness tastes like. triple hops brewed. great pilsner taste. miller lite. taste greatness. the dangers of driver fatigue increase by 200%. but with attention assist, your new e-class can actually detect drowsy driving behavior... and warn you. this is the new e-class. this is mercedes-benz. . >> jim: back in toronto -- >> back in toronto, the orioles have usherred eight rookies with an eye toward competing in the near future. you have to wonder the effect of losing on the development of those young players. i asked manager dave trem plea if he has to manage some of these effect. he says number 1, you have to trust the make-up of those
3:29 pm
players. he says that he has to explain that they are going through what they are going through to get to the other side. he says that's not a concern for him. brian matusz, another day, another lesson learned for the rookie. >> jim: par jags, first -- barajas, first ball swinging. >> buck: this is such an important point in the ongoing process, the learning process, development of all the young players, not only the pitchers but all the young players on the field and teaching them how to win and how to get over the hump. we have talked so on about how close they are but close ain't going to get it. >> jim: mora plays the short hop, two pitches, two down in the 8th inning. i. the mindset has to get to the point where we have to win this game and carry that at the
3:30 pm
end of this year into next spring. >> jim: here is marco scutaro batting with two outs and none on. scutaro has had a food day at the plate, three hits. takes ball one. this after seeing barajas and scutaro go out on the first pitch. in games in which they have scored three runs or less, they have lost their last 17 games in those situations. they have not won a game scoring three or less since june 21st in philadelphia which was the 69th game of the season. today, they are playing the 111th game of the season. >> buck: that was the jeremy
3:31 pm
guthrie-cole hamels game that completed the three-game sweep of the phillies. >> jim: that ball is hit deep to left field. that chases pie. back it goes and it is off the wall. scutaro will chug to second base with his fourth base hit of the game. two inc. sls, a double and a home run for marco scutaro. >> buck: you have to go back to the drawing board with scutaro game plan. 33rd double of the season. he has had a great year and that's going to push him closer to that .300 mark. .300 batting average on the season with four hits now in this game here this afternoon. to round it off, he is batting now exactly .300, .2995 with a four-hit game. he has picked a good year to have a good year, buck, his
3:32 pm
walk year. aaron hill who has been mostly quiet now, 1-for-4. ray misses outside, 1-1. >> buck: again, chris ray handles the bottom of the order effectively. now he has to deal with the potent part of the order. >> jim: this is low again. jason frazier is getting ready in the blue jay bullpen. i did see halladay go back and sit down. there he is. he has five complete games. >> buck: five complete games for halladay. the team leader in complete games in the american league. the kansas city royals have eight as a team. halladay has five to his credit, himself. >> jim: he probably wants to
3:33 pm
come back out and pitch the 9th. a little ball hit to third. melvin mora has t he will get aaron hill. we'll see if halladay comes out. a double and a man left. we head to the 9th inning. the orioles need 4 to tie. xxúú
3:34 pm
. >> jim: other yoalses baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at it turned into a lovely day along the shores of lake
3:35 pm
ontario but the orioles trail by 4 going into the 9th and we have the answer to our question. halladay will not look for his 6th complete game on the year because here is jason frasor coming on to protect the four- run lead. >> buck: and frasor picked up the win in yesterday's win. he has six wins on the season. he has taken over the role of the closer. this is not a save opportunity, obviously. frasor comes on to celebrate his birthday here, trying to wrap this series win up. >> jim: he was acquired in a trade with the dodgers with jason werth. the orioles traded jayson werth -- drafted werth. they traded him to the blue jays who traded him to the
3:36 pm
dodgers. and he has as soon as bin traded to the phillies where he helped them win a world series last year. >> jim: last time the orioles trailed the blue jays by 4 was add camden yard -- at camden yards in the 8th. they only have one at-bat here. >> buck: just a matter of fact efficient game for halladay. orioles got to him early. they were ahead 2-1 heading into the bottom of the 3rd but then a four-run outburst by the blue jays put halladay ahead for good.
3:37 pm
2-1 on the corner for a strike. melvin thought it was outside. slumping the shoulders after the called strike 2. dave trembley looking for his team to get some base runners here to make it interesting in the 9th inning. 2-2 is fouled off i i you are not going to win too many games when you give up 14 hits. that's the base here. 14 hits, 7 runs for toronto. 2- 2 on mora with scott on deck.
3:38 pm
>> jim: outside, ball 3, good at-bat for mora. both of these teams are on the move after the game. the orioles head home, 8-day 7- game stretch coming. blue jays head to tampa. and mora gets on base. that was very good at-bat for mora, very patient. he is on with a leadoff walk here in the 9th inning. >> jim: here is an update for the player of the game. cesar izturis has the hometown
3:39 pm
vote. here is luke scott. high pop-up off the end of the bat, moving in in on it is bautista in left field and has it for the out, one away. mora back at first and luke scott 1-for-4. those insurance runs against matt albers is huge. now instead of having the tying run at the plate, you still need a rally here. >> buck: it changes the complex of the ballgame. brian bass did a great job in 3 1/3, gave up just two hits in his efforts today and then was hopeful that matt albers could continue that. and that's when the game kind of got away from them. >> jim: matt wieters now.
3:40 pm
he is 0-for-3. mora on not being held by overbay. orioles 2-4 through the first six games on this trip and they are 6-16 since the all-star break. there is a strike. >> buck: that was the concern about the second half of this season that things didn't just unravel. hopefully they'll turn around and you can build some momentum. the last several years, the past two months of the season, they been disappointing. reimold has come out on deck. >> jim: he will bat for andino whose spot is next. 1-1 on wieters. there is a strike. 1-2. matt twice has hit the ball hard, double play bounce
3:41 pm
out in the second. he hit a smash, a one bouncer to hill. grounded out sharply to short. jason frasor is very deliberate. here is the 1-2 2 outside, 2-2. >> buck: right now, his control is really inconsistent trying to protect the four-run lead. he walked the leadoff batter mora and got a one-pitch out on luke scott. and now matt wieters hits with a 2-2 count. >> jim: mora edges off first. there is a foul ball. >> buck: terry crowley's remarks regarding matt wieters early on in the game how the velocity of the big league
3:42 pm
pitchers on daily basis is so much different than what the kid see in the minor league. you may see it once or twice a week but not consistently. you have a guy like frasor coming in, throwing 93, 94 miles per hour with good command, that's such an adjustment to make. >> jim: count holding hold at 2-2. inside, ball 3. fans are getting all over jason frasor. >> buck: one thing you do by throwing these balls and walking batters is that you encourage the offense, give them a thought that, may, maybe we can come back against this guy. >> jim: high flyball to left, playable for bautista. he has it for the out.
3:43 pm
mora halfway back to first. we want to send out birthday wishes today to bret ebel at home in baltimore celebrating his 13th birthday, son of orioles assistant trainer brian ebel and his wife nancy. he is 13 years old today. >> buck: that's a big one. he becomes a teenager. >> jim: i remember when he was in a stroller. that just means i'm getting old. 2 down. and reimold in to bat for andino. mora with a walk, he is now at first with two down. there is a strike. reimold was given today off with halladay pitching. it would have been his third
3:44 pm
straight day on this artificial turf. no lan has a three-game hitting streak going. he has four hits on the road trip. strike 2. so frasor battling his command here but he is a strike away from ending it. 0-2 on nolan reimold. and it's inside. >> buck: reimold has really developed a good eye, the ability to take those borderline pitches. you don't see him take an awful lot of wild swings, even though he has a chance to be a pretty
3:45 pm
decent power hitter. >> jim: 1-2 the count on reimold. mora will run and that's inside, 2-2. an appeal to first and no swing, adrian johnson. that will not be a stole on base for mora. the blue jays just let him take it. it is a good play for melvin because now there is no force at second base. ground ball to an infielder, they have to play to first. 2-2 for reimold. fouled back. >> buck: breaking ball as he stayed on, it trying to keep this inning alive here, turn the line-up over. i e reimold, sin the all-star break, 1 home run and -- since
3:46 pm
the all-star break, 1 home run and 9 rbis. the word is out on reimold about his power so they pitch to him very carefully. 2-2 the count with 2 down. mora at second and reimold is down on strikes ant blue jays win it. so after the orioles got the opener on friday night, toronto yesterday with an extra inning win and behind roy halladay, their ace, they win their rubber game. final score in trn toe, the blue jays 7 and the orioles 3. 
3:47 pm
. >> tom: tom davis for o's xtra. he gave up too many runs early in the game. >> rick: it was but it was not
3:48 pm
about brian matusz but about roy halladay. they could not overcome the mastery of this roy halladay who gave up 9 hit and 3 runs>> tom: we'll be back to recap the game. back to jim and buck. >> jim: the blue jays get the game at 7-3. in the opener, jeremy guthrie is on the mound against gio gonzalez. game coverage o's and a's at 7 0-0. for buck mart yez and wjz's mark viviano, so long from the rogers center. let's send you back to the studio. o's xtra, tom davis and rick dempsey coming right up. take it away.
3:49 pm
o's xtra post game. rick, i think you stayed all just a couple of second ago, it was like the senior member putting on the excellent performance for the rookie member into into it was tough. the orioles had him on the roams early in the game but were not able to overcome him. he keeps battling you, gets double play the turned behind him. the guy knows what he is doing out there on the mound. when he gives umm some runs, that's within that damage control area. that was his 10th consecutive win again the orioles. he has the highest winning percentage against this team and for some reason, we can't seem to overcome here. the orioles wind up losing 7-3 but they got up on the board pretty quickly as we take a look at some of the highlight. luke scott comes in with the rbi. single down the right field line. >> rick: luke scott has
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